We are experts

The magic of Celessence™ technology happens through our development of unique blends that go into the tiny microscopic containers. At Celessence Technologies, we have a depth of understanding of consumers
around the world which enables us to predict trends and consumer needs.

The science starts with our patented micro-encapsulation technology. Tiny microscopic containers, like an invisible sheet of microscopic bubble wrap, each of which can be filled with benefits that release with handling, friction and movement.

We are unique in the world of micro-encapsulation for textiles and print. We are the only company with an expertise in sensory science, gained over the last 25 years. Our sensory science expertise allows us to create products that appeal to the senses. We understand how consumers in different countries and cultures respond to smells, we understand fragrance intensities in textiles and we understand how to bring concepts to life with ingredient blends and fragrances.

Celessence Technologies is headed up by Shibani Mohindra and Suzanne Powell. With experience of consumers in different parts of the world in the fragrance and fmcg industries, and a track record in product and technology development, they bring a unique understanding of adding value to everyday textiles through their understanding of consumers and their needs. This makes Celessence Technologies a world apart from other companies supplying micro-encapsulation to the Textiles, Toy and Print industries.

Choose from our vast library of fragrances and well being blends. Or let us custom blend to match your specific needs