Immunity Boosters for the Post Pandemic World!

Celesssence Technologies immmunity booters for the Post Pandemic World

Anti-microbial technologies are all about protecting you physically from bacteria and viruses.  The other side of the coin to staying safe in the post pandemic era, is to boost one’s immunity, to make oneself stronger and more able to resist and fight off infection.

Did you know that a good nights sleep can boost your immunity?  Studies have shown that people who are deprived of enough quality sleep are more likely to get sick on exposure to a virus . Lack of sleep can also affect how fast you recover if you do get sick.


CelessenceTM Sleep technology with DreamscentzTM is

the first scientifically proven technology for a longer and better sleep.

Some benefits from CelessenceTM Sleep technology with DreamscentzTM :

•Prepares you for a good sleep by creating a calm atmosphere
•Helps you fall asleep faster
•Helps you to sleep for longer
•Improves the quality of your sleep
•Helps you wake refreshed after you sleep


Well known to help you relax, protect and soothe your skin, and provide pain relief, all things that can help you fall asleep faster and have better sleep.

CelessenceTM technology, creates effective and innovative new ways to harness the benefits of CBD.

·Can be combined with our Sleep technology or with a relaxing fragrance such as lavender
·Organic, THC and pesticide free CBD sourced from the EU