Are you washing your clothes too often?

Are you washing your clothes too often?

In a recent article on BBC News, fashion designers including Stella McCartney, Naomi De Haan and a number of textile experts have suggested just that. As a matter of fact, some of them even go further, saying that they have never washed their clothes.

Washing your clothes less means you are helping the environment, saving water and preserving your clothes for longer.

Is this going to be a new mega trend?

Shocked? Surprised? Shaking your head, wrinkling your nose and thinking ‘that’s just not right’?

We at Celessence Technologies have just what you need to follow this trend. Our patented freshness technologies are added to textiles at the manufacturing stage. Ranging from freshness that is silent, so your clothes simply smell neutral and clean, to overt fresh laundry smells that are released during wear, making your clothes feel fresh and clean. And if you should wash your clothes every now and then, our freshness technology is wash durable too, so you can enjoy its benefits even after washing.

So go on, wash less and still stay fresh with Celessence freshness technology!