CelessenceTM  Technologies is the leading supplier of safe & sustainable  micro-encapsulation technology to the Textiles , Toy and Print industries.

Driven by a passion to make textiles work harder, we constantly innovate to bring new benefits to clothing and the home.

Clothing that moisturises, or slims you down.  Pyjamas with sleep technology to help you sleep better.  We add the simplest naturals like olive oil and coconut oil and Aloe Vera  to clothing. But we also add Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and mega anti-oxidant mixes to clothing, CBD to help you relax and Wintergreen  for pain relief in sports supports.

The Home
Throws with relaxing fragrances, odour eliminating car seats covers for pet owners, pillows with fragrant scientifically tested sleep technology, fun scented pillows for kids

Toys and Print
Scented books, dolls and puzzles to make children smile.


Our ability to respond quickly and flexibly to manufacture bespoke products in any quantity, small or large, combined with our commitment to sustainability and the environment has led to long term partnerships with all our clients.

We have launched CelessenceTM Protect naturel, the worlds first natural anti-microbial with a wonderful relaxing smell, based on essential oils known for their anti-microbial properties.

All this is what has made CelessenceTM Technologies the largest supplier of micro-encapsulation technology to the Textiles, Toy and Print industries.


  • Shibani Mohindra

    Joint CEO Celessence™ Technologies Ltd & Celessence™ Licensing Ltd Celessence™ Group Marketing Director

    It's not what it is. It's what you imagine it could become. New ideas are interesting, but knowing which ones can successfully become a reality... now that's really exciting!

  • Suzanne Powell

    Joint CEO Celessence™ Technologies Ltd & Celessence&trade Licensing Ltd Celessence&trade Group Technical Director

    Technically creative or creatively technical? I consider no problem too big to resolve and no issue too small to ignore.

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